pgp-keyserver-folk AT flame.org mailing list archive

Effective 2003-08-21, the mailing list was moved to pgp-keyserver-folk AT alt.org. Visit http://lists.alt.org/mailman/listinfo/pgp-keyserver-folk for subscription instructions. All old messages were imported and the preexisting spam was removed from the corresponding archive. The kjsl.com archive, http://lists.kjsl.com/pipermail/pgp-keyserver-folk/, continues to operate as before.

Effective 2002-05-03, a "live" list archive is available at http://lists.kjsl.com/pipermail/pgp-keyserver-folk/. (This does _not_ change the posting procedure - continue to post to the flame.org address.) See the announcement as message #1834 in the last mbox file listed below or at http://lists.kjsl.com/pipermail/pgp-keyserver-folk/2002-May/000002.html. Note that I don't plan on adding any more messages to the archives here as long as the live archive remains viable.

These messages were fetched using ezmlm's email retrieval mechanism. I have found several instances, with my own messages, where delivered messages had good PGP signatures but were unverifiable when retrieved through ezmlm. This is due to a single blank line (at the top of each message body) being removed by ezmlm. I have edited these messages in the archive to reintroduce the removed lines to allow the PGP signatures to be verified. For my messages, I have the originals and can fix the archived copies; for other messages, this type of error may or may not get corrected. Other than fixes of this nature, the archives are unmodified.

The files are in mbox format, compressed with bzip2. Dates are only for legitimate messages with reasonable timestamps; ezmlm strips some headers. Unsorted (mbox-order) messages have no guaranteed ordering. The archive currently includes messages:


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