This patch (signature) for GPG 1.0.6 enables the printing of fingerprints for revoked keys when using the normal --with-fingerprint switch to display the contents of a keyring file. For GPG 1.0.7 and 1.2.0, change "print_fingerprint( pk, NULL )" to "print_fingerprint( pk, NULL, 0 )" in the patch file.

pad (encryption utility)

My followup to FreeBSD PR ports/27323 has a PGP-signed patch for the FreeBSD port of pad 1.0.4. FreeBSD PR ports/32810 is the new PR that I was advised to open so it could be assigned to the port maintainer.

pgpring (PGP keyring display utility, part of mutt)

This patch (signature) for pgpring adds fingerprint output via -f and fixes a problem with type 20 (ElGamal encrypt+sign) keys. Fingerprints are also printed for subkeys (use --with-fingerprint twice to display them in GPG). Since pgpring also ships with the keyanalyze distribution, this patch does not modify any Makefiles to link md5c.o into pgpring. If you need the MD5 modules for keyanalyze, get them from a mutt distribution. This patch was developed for mutt 1.3.24.

pks (PGP keyserver software)

My first patch (signature) for pks was developed for the FreeBSD port of pks 0.9.4. It should be applied after the existing patches in the FreeBSD port, which were copied from the NetBSD port patches developed by Dave Burgess. My patch identifies itself in the pks version string as "PGP Key Server 0.9.4+patch2+JHpatch1." Enhancements in the first patch include:

My second patch (coming soon) applies after the first patch and includes:


$Date: 2005/01/12 19:26:18 $