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My name is Stephan Beyer [spx|ogg] and this is my very outdated web page.

As most sites on the web, this one is always in development. "Always" means "When I have time" ...and this is not very often. In fact, I am going to shut it down and replace it by something new.

The current default stylesheet is called Grey. I hope you like it. If not, feel free to switch to one of the old ones, like Winter in Town or Lemon. Yes, I like(d) the colors and that kind of eye-pepper[tm].

If you have JavaScript enabled, the software and music descriptions aren't displayed by default but will unfold when you click on the names.



Here you can find some of my programs, usually open-source and developed within an Debian operating system environment. So please drop me a note if something does not work on your platform, but should.


Some published documents. This section should be extended. ;-)


Bad taste "music". But I truly recommend "Just a Test".


I am studying computer science at the Technische Universität Ilmenau. You can have a look at my old schedules (German). [txt]

Here are some of my held presentations at university and other stuff. I uploaded them with TeX/LaTeX source, so that you can use it as a LaTeX reference.


My OpenPGP key is 0x6EDDD207FCC5040F. Here you can download

I also own 0x8AA3F9655088FFA3. Information will perhaps not follow.

Contact me if you want me to sign your OpenPGP key or to assure your identity for CAcert. We can meet around Erfurt, Ilmenau, Saalfeld, Jena in Thuringia, Germany.

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